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Liquid Protection

NOVITHOR Termite Proofing Resin is a liquid formulation containing a specially formulated blend of resins. It is applied to masonry mortar joints and rendered masonry surfaces.

It contains no pesticides and is easily applied by a low pressure spray. Application can be done either during construction or to protect existing buildings.

The NOVITHOR liquid carries the resins deep into the substrate to be protected, typically penetrating 20mm or deeper. The liquid then evaporates off leaving the resins invisibly embedded in the substrate where they solidify to form a granite-like impenetrable barrier that termites simply cannot get past.

Microscopic technology

An untreated property is vulnerable to attack by termites. Termites burrow into cracks, removing sediment as they travel and their secretions break down normal mortar over time. These processes create an open door for termites to invade your home, coming and going at will.

NOVITHOR Termite-Proofing Resin locks together with sand and cement particles to form an impenetrable termite proof barrier.

NOVITHOR forms an impenetrable termite proof barrier